Allectra GmbH was set up in 2002 in Berlin to manufacture and supply a full range of High Vacuum and UHV components. Over the last seventeen years the group has expanded to include: two further manufacturing facilities, one in Sussex, UK, and one in Villingen-Schwenningen, Southern Germany in addition to sales offices in Italy and France, and a network of distributors worldwide.
Allectra offers a range of components compliant with international standards: Sub-D feedthroughs, Electrical feedthroughs, Coaxial
feedthroughs, cables and connectors, UHV and High Vacuum valves, viewports, hardware and accessories.
Customers include universities, major synchrotron laboratories, OEMs and high technology companies.
Allectra Limited and Allectra GmbH are ISO 9001 certified.

  • ISO9001-2015
  • DIN EN IS0 9001

A History of Allectra


Allectra GmbH was founded in Berlin to manufacture and supply electrical feedthroughs.


Allectra Limited was started in Sussex.


Customers included universities, major synchrotron laboratories and high technology companies.


Allectra Limited had seen strong growth of Custom High Vacuum equipment sales to high technology industries both in the UK, and in our export markets in France, Italy, India and elsewhere.


Allectra opened a purpose-built facility in East Sussex to expand manufacturing capabilities.

Allectra launched a dedicated Italian office to support the ongoing growth in custom equipment sales.


Allectra opened a third manufacturing facility in Southern Germany to expand manufacturing capabilities and provide closer links to customers in Southern Germany, Switzerland and neighbouring parts of France.


Allectra invested in manufacturing capabilities in all three facilities.


Allectra distributor network had grown to include India, Japan,
Sweden, Spain, Romania, China, Hungary and South Korea.

The webshop was launched, a new online research and purchasing platform

Allectra GmbH Berlin



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Allectra East Sussex UK

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Allectra GmbH opens a new manufacturing facility in Southern Germany

December 2016:  Allectra GmbH has opened a new manufacturing facility and service centre in Villingen-Schwenningen, to provide closer links to customers in Southern Germany, Switzerland and neighbouring parts of France.

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Allectra GmbH Villingen-Schwenningen Germany

Allectra Manufacturing

From the beginning, Allectra’s aim has been to develop a range of electrical feedthroughs for UHV setups and to become the biggest European manufacturer of those components.

In the last seventeen years, we have evolved from being primarily a distributor to almost full-time manufacturing. As well as operating two facilities in Germany with engineering and scientific capabilities, one of which is also home to our R&D team, the company also has a purpose-built facility in the UK. This investment means we have more control over the manufacturing process and can make safer guarantees to our customers on critical aspects such as quality, consistency of our products, pricing and delivery time.

Our machining capabilities include numerically controlled milling machines and we have installed a new four-stage ultrasonic cleaning plant, which can clean products to our high-vacuum standard (10-11mbar).

We can ship around the globe and have a full-time technical sales team to assist with design, manufacturing and delivery queries.

We have an online platform for researching and ordering items and customers can request a quote for a custom design here.

Our Customer Philosophy

We offer our customers both standard and special components on short delivery and at competitive prices. The relationship we have with our customers is very important to us and we develop product ranges specifically to meet our customers’ needs. This philosophy has led to year on year growth of the company.

Our technical sales advisors work closely with our customers to obtain the optimum price and delivery for the required parts.

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