Our high frequency feedthroughs advancing research

We are always interested to learn how our components are being used by our customers to advance their research. We recently heard from Dr Freek Massee at the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, Université Paris-Saclay who needed a high frequency feedthrough to perform frequency dependent measurements.

After he tried the Allectra 242-SMAD27G-C40 and confirmed it met his expectations, he bought three. “We would like to perform frequency dependent measurements in the 1-30 GHz and wanted to make sure that the transmission of the feedthrough is relatively constant in this range. If it had not been, it would have been very difficult to interpret the frequency dependent experimental data”, said Dr Massee.

Dr Massee and his team are planning to carry out some research later this year looking at single spin manipulation using GHz radiation.

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