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We have recently manufactured this optical component for Diamond Light Source in the UK. The component features a Sub-D 50-way weldable feedthrough and two single mode 9µm core optical fibre feedthroughs with FC/PC connectors on air and vacuum sides.

For an increasing number of High Vacuum and UHV applications, Optical Fibres are used either to get signals out or to bring “light” to the right point into the chamber. The three different types of Optical Fibres below:
• The Step Index Fibres are the thickest Fibres used. They are used for illumination or heat transfer by light and applications such as Spectroscopy. These Fibres have an Outside Diameter of 400 or 600 microns.
• The Graded Index Fibres are typically data fibres. They have the advantage that the signal is kept sharper.
• The best signal fibres are the Single Mode types. By having a very small diameter (6-9µm), which is much smaller than the wavelength of the light, there is only one optical path available and the signal keeps its shape.
Both Graded Index and Single Mode have an Outside Diameter of 125 microns.

Allectra offers feedthroughs and components with all three types.

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