Allectra Launches Fibre Optics

February 2012: Allectra Launches Fibre Optics for Vacuum

As an ongoing commitment to offering our customers the latest High Technology advancements, Allectra has developed a range of Fibre Optics for Vacuum.
For an increasing number of applications, Optical Fibres are used in Vacuum either to get signals out or to bring ‘light’ to the right point into the chamber. Allectra has developed a variety of feedthroughs and fibres for Photonics and Spectroscopy applications.
Optical Components: Fibre Optic
A low cost Fibre Optic Coupler for High Vacuum and a UHV Feedthrough with double-sided connectors and fixed in-vacuum fibre.
Fibre Optic Coupler Feedthrough
O ring sealed direct fibre to fibre seal.
UHV Feedthroughs, double-sided
All metal sealed UV or IR fibre with 600µm core diameter. 200/400/600µm is available.
SMA-905 connectors are on both sides. Vacuum fibres
are available in standard and custom lengths.
UHV Feedthroughs with fitted In-Vacuum Fibre
This modern version reduces optical loss and cost. Only one fibre connection is required from the outside of the the chamber to the end of the fibre. The metal sealed construction allows for a variety of fibres which are secured with a stainless steel hose as standard.
They include:
F-SMA-905 and FC/PC connectors with 200µm, 400µm and 600µm UV or IR fibre.
FC/PC connectors with 125µm cladding diameter, 50µm core (the typical data fibre) and FC/PC connectors with mono-mode fibres 6µm (for 800-900µm) and 9µm (for 1300-1600µm).
FC connectors can be connected directly to FC and ST types, so a wide variety of air-side components are available. Optical components like prisms, collimators and vaporisation prevention are also available.

double-sided connectors