Allectra Limited is ISO 9001 certified

October 2015: Allectra Limited is registered in recognition of a quality management system demonstrated in conformance with ISO 9001.

The directors and management at Allectra Limited are committed to the continual development of its quality management system (ISO9001:2008) and its associated procedures and objectives, required to maintain the culture and toolset for continual improvement, process efficiency and effectiveness. The engagement of internal audits will continue to check the effectiveness of the quality management system. Regular management reviews will provide essential milestones to drive the system forward.

Management will assure all essential resources are in place or obtainable in order to deliver all business objectives, projects and products to meet our customers’ needs and requirements.

Essential resources include the following:

People: competent, trained, knowledge, available, location, flexible and obtainable

Tools and equipment: maintained, serviced, calibrated, available or obtainable

Facilities: comfortable, maintained, managed, efficient and effective.

Documentation: traceable, accessible, secure and controlled.

Stock and materials: marking, identification, traceable and controlled.

Suppliers: evaluated, approved, reliable, quality of service or product, flexible, helpful and cost effective.

Customer satisfaction will continue to be a primary objective of Allectra Limited’s team.

“Achieving the ISO 9001 certification has been a natural progression for Allectra Limited as we moved from working primarily as a distribution and marketing company to a manufacturing specialist in the global High Technology Industries,”says Mario Peli, Managing Director.

“As we equipped our new UK facility, we invested in quality management systems and infrastructure that will ensure we continue to meet our customers’ expectations and Industry best practice.”

Download the Allectra ISO 9001 certificate