Allectra supply components for the ICARUS upgrade

April 2018: Allectra has been selected to supply all the flanges with both signal and high voltage feedthroughs for the ICARUS upgrade at CERN.

The job consisted in finding the right solution to safely bring hundreds of high voltage and high quality signal channels into the large Argon Neutrino detector, avoiding discharge issues and minimizing the footprint in order to allow an easy connection of all the feedthroughs.
The selected feedthroughs have been successfully tested at CERN’s Liquid Argon facilities and the production phase will last about 6 months.

The ICARUS detector, which began its scientific life in 2010 at Gran Sasso National Laboratory of the INFN, will be installed at Fermilab and will be a crucial part of one of the largest projects worldwide to find a new type of Neutrino.

“Following the success of supplies for NA62 and Isolde upgrade, Allectra is proud to give its small contribution in such a demanding scientific challenge,” says Dario Proietti, Product Manager, Allectra Italy.


ICARUS is a 760-ton detector filled with liquid argon (LAr) whose technology was first proposed by Carlo Rubbia in 1977 and was used between 2010 and 2014 at the INFN Gran Sasso Laboratory in Italy to study neutrino oscillations using a beam of neutrinos produced at CERN. After its overhaul at CERN, it was shipped to Chicago to start a second life. It will be part of the Short Baseline Neutrino (SBN) programme at Fermilab, dedicated to the study of sterile neutrinos.

The refurbishment is part of the CERN Neutrino Platform (CENF) project, started in 2014, to follow the recommendations of the European Strategy for Particle Physics, and it is done in collaboration with the INFN and Fermilab. “The Neutrino Platform pulls together a community that is scattered across the world,” says Marzio Nessi, CERN Neutrino Programme project leader. “CERN has committed significant resources to support R&D in all aspects of neutrino research, and ICARUS’s refurbishment is the first beneficiary of this programme.
Source: CERN

Allectra supply components for the ICARUS upgrade