We are excited to announce Fiona Rousseau has joined the UK sales team:
As part of our ongoing investment in the Allectra Group, Allectra Limited is expanding its UK sales team. We are delighted that Fiona Rousseau has joined UK internal sales with responsibility for providing our customers with technical information and responding to customer enquiries. Fiona has previously worked at Pfizer in Kent for 8 years where she spent 3 years as an R&D Medicinal Chemistry lead before joining R&D Outsourcing Team. The role included the outsourcing of research projects to both external contract pharmaceutical companies based primarily in Europe, India and China and on site contractors. She has a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the University of Glasgow (2002).

Fiona lives near Glasgow with husband (and fellow Allectra employee) Gilles and their 2 children. In her spare time Fiona helps coach her local swim team whilst still training and competing herself.

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