High Frequency In-Vacuum Cables – to 40 GHz

For high-frequency signal generation and detection in-vacuum (HV/UHV), Allectra has developed two feedthroughs, the 242-SMAD27G and the 242-SMAD40G which allow up to 27 and 40GHz frequencies respectively.
To complement these we are introducing new K-type SMA cables for in-vacuum use, the 380-SMAK series.
SMA-K cables available online.

Cable type: Semi-rigid
Connector specification: SMA(K) – 2.92
Cable diameter: 2.10mm
Cable material: CuSn, Tin-soaked braid
Inner conductor: Silver/copper-plated steel, 0.53mm
Dielectric: PTFE
Impedance: 50Ohm
Capacitance: 95pF/m
Test voltage (cable): 3kV
Max. frequency: 40GHz
Attenuation: @ 5GHz 1.6db/m
@20GHz 3.61db/m
Max. temperature –
operating: 165°C
bakeout: 200°C

Technical background: SMA – Sub-miniature version A connectors were designed for radiofrequency signals typically to 18 GHz with 50 Ohm impedance.
To access higher frequencies (46GHz) the precision 2.92 mm, or K-type was developed. The thread remains the same, with higher precision around the inner conductor.

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