Allectra invests in R & D for Fibre Optics

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Sunday May 16th is the International Day of Light which celebrates the importance of light science and technology in sustainable development. For an increasing number of High vacuum and UHV applications, Optical Fibres are used either to get signals out or to bring “light” to the right point into the chamber. Allectra has invested in research and development for Fibre Optics and we have developed a range of optical components including UHV feedthroughs with fitted in-vacuum fibre (Only one fibre connection is required from the outside of the chamber to the end of the fibre), Fibre optic coupler feedthroughs (O ring sealed direct fibre to fibre seal) and All metal sealed UV or IR Fibre feedthroughs (UHV) double-sided.

Allectra recently manufactured this DN63CF flange with a Sub-D 50-way weldable feedthrough and two single mode 9µm core optical fibre feedthroughs with FC/PC connectors on air and vacuum sides for Diamond Light Source in the UK.
Please contact a member of our team for more information on your optics requirements.

Established by UNESCO in 2017 the International Day of Light also promotes the broader place of light in art and culture.

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