Allectra welcomes Christian Kindel

Allectra GmbH is pleased to announce a key appointment, Christian Kindel is the new Business Development and Strategic Sales Specialist with a remit to liaise with research customers in Europe and extend the Allectra business in Japan.
Christian is a physicist-turned-sales professional, who enjoys working with people from different cultural backgrounds. He completed his PhD on semiconductor nanostructures at the University of Tokyo, and lived in Japan for four years. He is a talented linguist, fluent in Japanese and English, and he speaks daily-conversation-level Chinese and French.

Christian has more than a decade of experience in sales and strategic marketing working with industry and research customers. Before coming to Allectra, he worked for leading semiconductor-industry supplier MKS Instruments as head of the Berlin Sales Support team, driving the realization of sales opportunities world wide.

“Physics is simply great. I’m excited that I have the opportunity to work with customers who do such cool things”, says Christian.

Christian’s role includes supporting Allectra’s sales team, with a focus on technologically complex projects.

“I have experience as an efficient communicator, skilled in both technological aspects as well as interpersonal and intercultural aspects,” he adds. “I want to go beyond reacting to a request for quotation. I would like to understand what applications our customers use our products for, and how they use our products. Perhaps a customer is facing a certain challenge and isn’t aware yet, that Allectra may have just the right solution. My job is to find that out.”

“We are delighted to have Christian join our busy team,” says Dr Bernhard Luckscheiter, CEO, Allectra GmbH. “ Last year we celebrated twenty successful years serving the Scientific community and Christian’s high level skills, experience and expertise will help Allectra navigate the new opportunities in the global scientific market.”

Christian Kindel