New partnership with Nano Vacuum

Allectra is pleased to announce a new partnership with Nano Vacuum for Australian and New Zealand customers.

Nano Vacuum has over 50 years of experience within the nanofabrication industry supplying equipment to the Quantum, Surface Science, Semiconductor, Synchrotron, Perovskite, Space and Renewable industries.

With this new relationship, Nano Vacuum will be the exclusive distributor of Allectra High Vacuum and UHV components in Australia and New Zealand. Allectra’s range includes feedthroughs, optics, hardware, accessories, special purpose and safety components and unique ranges including the Allectra Triaxial 50 Ohm feedthroughs and our KAP301 radiation resistant Kapton® insulated wires. Allectra this year celebrates 20 years as a manufacturer and supplier of High Vacuum and UHV components with a solid reputation for delivering on complex and high profile projects. During this time, some of Allectra’s proprietary technology has been adopted as industry standard.

Mario Peli, Managing Director, Allectra, says “Our goal is to supply our High Vacuum and UHV components to customers across the world with the highest possible quality, competitive pricing and short delivery times. Nano Vacuum is the right partner company to help us to deliver on this goal and will offer customers in their market the best service and advice to equip them for their research.”

James Carter, Director, Nano Vacuum says “Allectra has always been synonymous with quality German engineered products and we are privileged that we have been selected to distribute their products throughout Australia & New Zealand. Allectra will complement our product range for all our customers, strengthening our ability to offer engineered solutions for tomorrows research.”