New Releases from Allectra

May 2013: New Releases from Allectra

Radiation resistant wire with PEEK insulation. These PEEK insulated cables combine high radiation resistance and a very high insulation resistance over a broad temperature range.

These are outstanding properties for use in Ultra High Vacuum systems. The low water absorption in air (0.1%) combined with a high diffusion rate of water also makes it ideal for systems which cannot be baked.

The high insulation resistance and a high breakdown voltage makes this insulated cable ideal for delicate signals and high voltage applications.

Our custom research, development and manufacturing team has released a Multi-feedthrough component which features 11 15-pin Sub-D feedthroughs, 2 High Voltage 12KV double-sided MS style feedthroughs, 2 High Voltage Coaxial feedthroughs and water cooling feedthroughs.

Allectra now offers special radiation resistant Kapton® insulated wires. Compared to the standard wires, the radiation resistance is increased by a factor of 100. The maximum usable temperature is also higher and goes up to 300°C.

Our custom team has also released a custom with 12 Triaxial feedthroughs and a 15-pin Sub-D Feedthrough in the centre which is used to measure low signals with high accuracy in the Semi-Conductor sector.

The new Allectra Triaxial feedthrough is the ideal component for low current or voltage measurements, where high accuracy and lowest disruption of the signal are required. For example, this component can be used for accurate beam positioning for synchrotron type applications

PEEK insulated cables