On-going investment for Allectra in 2014

October 2014: 2014 has been a year of on-going investment for Allectra – the new UK facility has been re-equipped with new machines and we have welcomed some new technical team members. We have undertaken a thorough review of in-house critical processes and it has all led to the successful scaling up of our production and manufacturing capabilities.

Recent custom fabrication projects have included a collaboration on an in-vacuum x-ray detector for Diamond Light Source in the UK and an involvement in a major update on one of the linear accelerators at CERN, where we will be supplying them with sub-d feedthroughs and bespoke cabling. This will be used at liquid helium temperatures.

We have also recently supplied a system to a German Aerospace company which will allow the introduction of multiple organic samples and the testing of their behaviour in an environment similar to the one found on Mars.

We have new products currently in-development for 2015 and many stock components available for quick delivery at competitive prices.

 in-vacuum x-ray detector for Diamond Light Source