Allectra’s vacuum chamber used in the OXiNEMS project

Allectra’s vacuum chamber helping to pave the way for novel diagnostic methods.

The European project OXiNEMS (OXide NanoElectroMechanical Systems) aims to realize a new generation of ultra-sensitive magnetometers integrating transition metal oxides M/NEMS and superconductive or ferromagnetic materials. These hybrid sensors are expected to overcome the limitations of magnetometers in magnetoencephalographic systems, hence paving the way for novel diagnostic methods.

In the frame of the European project, the role of PoliFAB (the micro and nanofabrication facility of the Politecnico di Milano,) consists in the design and the fabrication of a silicon proof-of-concept device, to attest the working principle of the sensor exploiting the well-established silicon MEMS technology.

The collaboration with Allectra has allowed the acquisition of an essential instrument for the development of the research activity: a vacuum chamber designed to perform electronic measurements in vacuum and with an applied magnetic field. Indeed, as shown in the image, we designed the chamber to place the fabricated device, together with the signal acquisition electronic boards, inside a sufficiently narrow cylinder to mount two magnetic poles outside the structure.

These components were developed and manufactured by Allectra and distributed by Allario.

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