Notification of summer closure Allectra GmbH

All the staff at Allectra have worked tirelessly throughout the last year to maintain usual service as far as possible while privately dealing with home-schooling, shielding elderly relatives, the inability to access the workplace and all those other extraordinary situations that became the undesired normality for almost everyone. We are proud to have stayed safe across the group, and even more importantly to have shielded those around us.
Summer vacations are now in sight with the chance for many to get away, to see those dear relatives, or to relax with the children instead of stressing about another online lesson. To encourage everybody to actually switch off Allectra GmbH will close all activities in the week of the 2nd to 6th August, and we are asking our staff to disengage entirely for this week. Leading up to this week many colleagues have planned their annual leave, so while we remain open, staffing will also be reduced from the 19th to 30th July prior to the closure. Though slowdowns may occur in this time we will strive to maintain the best possible service.
In the meantime Allectra Limited will remain open, and here we will take separate measures to ensure the staff in Sheffield Park also get a chance to switch off. It is imperative to us that after all these trials and tribulations all staff should get some proper down-time. Make sure you do too!
We are grateful for your understanding and loyalty in this coming period as well as over the last 18 months, and we are extremely grateful to all our fabulous staff who have shown such flexibility, tenacity and dedication to get us this far.

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