Sub-D Feedthroughs from Allectra

High vacuum (HV) and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) manufacturing have become both more sophisticated and more commonplace in recent years. This is partially due to the ready availability of functional HV/UHV components for superior vacuum processes. At Allectra, we design, develop, and manufacture critical parts for an array of market sectors, from cryogenics to nuclear fusion research. Among these is a proprietary range of Sub-D feedthroughs.

Sub-d Feedthroughs

What are Sub-D Feedthroughs?

D-sub-miniature connectors were developed by ITT Canon in the early 1950s, as a cutting-edge solution for peripheral computing connections. They were rapidly adopted in industrial applications and are now utilized in consumer electronics, telecommunications, and even military equipment. The name derived from the shape of the housing which encapsulated the pin connectors. Sub-D feedthroughs for vacuum use the same tried-and-tested design.

Sub-D Feedthrough Configurations

Sub-D feedthroughs and connections are subject to three primary international standards: DIN 41652, MIL C-24308, and IEC807-2. All Allectra vacuum connection components are qualified to the relevant level of compliance, whether intended for use in the vacuum or on the air-side. These are available in a choice of configurations, including:

  • Standard Sub-D Feedthroughs: Miniature connectors embedded in a type 316L stainless steel flange, with 9 – 50 gold-plated nickel (NiFe) alloy pins rated for continuous currents of 3A per pin. Multiple Sub-D connectors can be mounted on a single flange, with custom housings ranging up to a 160CF flange.
  • High Current Sub-D Feedthroughs: Using a gold-plated proprietary alloy, Allectra HC Sub-D feedthroughs can facilitate high power signal connections with a continuous use rating of 6A per pin and a peak use (<5 minutes) of 10A per pin.
  • High-Density Sub-D Feedthroughs: By reducing pin diameter, it is possible to engineer high-density connectors with significantly more pins-per-housing. Standard 15 pin Sub-D housings can contain as many as 26 high-density pins, while standard 50 pin Sub-D housings can contain 78 HD pins.
  • Mixed Sub-D: Coaxial and power Sub-D feedthroughs are designed for specific signal demands that cannot be met by a standard sub-D design, such as 20A per pin or for floating shield coax variations.

Custom Sub-D Feedthroughs from Allectra

At Allectra, we understand that no two vacuum processes are identical. We consider the distinct needs and objectives of each individual customer to ensure our Sub-D feedthroughs are a best fit for purpose. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our broad range of off-the-shelf solutions, simply contact an Allectra sales representative today for more information on our custom parts and component capabilities.