Allectra offers Sub-D feedthroughs for Type K Thermocouples

7 Thermocouple pairs on a single D15 Feedthrough

Allectra now offers Sub-D feedthroughs for Type K Thermocouples: 7 Thermocouple pairs on a single D15 feedthrough. Type K is the most common universal thermocouple for a temperature range from -200°C to +1350°C. 

210-D15-C40-TCK | 210-D15-C63-3-TCK | 210-D15-C100-8-TCK | 210-D15-K50-TCK and more.
Allectra offers these Sub-D feedthroughs with thermocouple pins Type K.

The upper row uses (+) material and has one pin more than the
lower row with (-) material.
The Pins can be distinguished by resistivity for validation, please
see the Specifications table below.

The density can be optimized and adjusted to specific
requirements in customer specific configurations and also on
customer specific flanges.

Combinations with other standard or special feedthroughs are

Vacuum: UHV (10-10 mbar and below)
Test Voltage: 500V DC
Temperature: -200°C…+230°C

Vacuum side connectors: 211-FS15-PK | 211-FS15-UHV
Air side connectors: 211-FS15-ATC
Crimp pins: 213-PINF-K
Recommended cables: 301-KAP-TCK (Radiation Resistant)
Wires with welded tip: 313-TCK-025-JOINT (blank)
Wire Assemblie:s On request

(+) Pin: NiCr (Chromel) Class 1
(Resistivity: 72 µΩcm)
(-) Pin: NiAl (Alumel) Class 1
(Resistivity: 27 µΩcm)
Seal: Glass
Body, Flange: Stainless Steel

Alleectra Sub-D feedthrough for Type K Thermocouples