Allectra launch Sub-D feedthroughs for Type N Thermocouples.

Allectra offers Sub-D feedthroughs with thermocouple pins Type N. Type N is the best universal thermocouple material for a temperature range from -200°C to +1300°C with high stability.

The complete range of the dual-line versions is offered: 9 – 15 – 25 – 37 pins for 4 – 7 – 12 – 18 thermocouple pairs.

The upper row uses (+) material and has one pin more than the lower row with (-) material.
A marker in the housing indicates the thermocouple version.

A full range of accessories with connectors, pins, wires and ready made measurement tips is available.

Vacuum UHV (10-10 mbar)
Test Voltage 500V DC
Temperature -200°C…+230°C
(+) Pin NiCrSi (Nicrosil) Class 1
(-) Pin NiSi (Nisil) Class 1
Seal Glass
Body, Flange Stainless Steel

Vacuum side 211-FSxx-PK , 211-FSxx-UHV
Air side 211-FSxx-ATC, 211-MSxx-ATC
Crimp pins 213-PINF-N, 213-PINM-N

Recommended cables 301-KAP-TCN (radiation resistant)
Wires with welded tip
313-TCN-JOINT (blank)

Wire Assemblies on request