Allectra components for Surface Science Applications

Modern technologies increasingly rely on low-dimensional physics at interfaces and in thin-films and nano-structures. Surface Science holds a key position in providing the experimental and theoretical models for a basic understanding of these effects. Allectra components for Surface Science applications include:

Sub-D feedthroughs

Electrical Feedthroughs for UHV and High Vacuum, compliant with the Sub-miniature D specification. Allectra manufacture and supply Sub-D electrical feedthroughs for electrical connections through vacuum walls for High and Ultra High Vacuum applications.

Coaxial feedthroughs

These can be used universally and are specifically for transmitting high frequency signals.


UHV and High Vacuum Viewports in Standard Glass or other materials including Fused Silica (Quartz) for different applications within the high vacuum environment for viewing the process that is occurring.

Fibre Optics

For an increasing number of applications, Optical Fibres are used in vacuum either to get signals out or to bring “light” to the right point into the chamber.

Motion in Vacuum

UHV devices manual and motorised for motion in Vacuum Valves Gate Valves and Angle Valves for use in High Vacuum and UHV.

CF Flanges and fittings

Allectra is a manufacturer and supplier of CF flanges and fittings, these are flat sexless flanges for applications such as connecting pipes and vacuums together.

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