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Two new hires for Allectra GmbH

At Allectra we continue to grow and expand, despite the many curve-balls thrown these last 12 months. To support this effort we have recently employed two new colleagues to strengthen the Berlin team.

Frank Rossmann, with experience in machining, turning, welding, assembly and QC joins us in the production department, and Ole Pakendorf with a training in business studies and experience in order processing will increase capacity in the sales office and assist you with your purchase order related questions.

Anticipating that 2021 would bring us new challenges to the delivery of our product range around the world, Allectra began reviewing procedures in early 2018 and implemented significant changes as early as January 2020. Many members of staff have been on preparatory courses, both in Germany and in the UK, to understand which repercussions the new trade deal would have on trade. New software has been acquired, and the expertise gathered in our international departments (we also ship regularly to the Far East, the Middle East and the Americas) was key in getting import documents correct for our restocking pathways.

Read more about how our international expertise also prepared us well for the shifting of EU-UK trade to 3rd country status.

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