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step 2 - allectra will produce detailed engineering drawings based on customers sketches. 3d compatibility check is includedv2

From the beginning, Allectra’s aim has been to develop a range of electrical feedthroughs for UHV setups and to become the biggest European manufacturer of those components. In the last twelve years, we have evolved from being primarily a distributor to almost full-time manufacturing.

As well as operating a facility in Germany with engineering and scientific capability, which is also home to our R&D team, the company has recently opened a new purpose-built facility in the UK incorporating a drawing office with the latest software including 3-D modelling, specials workshop and a clean assembly area.

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New Facility

The company has recently opened a new facility in the UK to support our global market growth and expand our manufacturing capabilities. This new build incorporates a clean assembly area, specials workshop and CAD/CAM manufacturing, on the site of our former offices and workshops at Sheffield Park, East Sussex.

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