System Protection Components

Allectra Pressure Burst Disks offer protection in the event of potentially hazardous pressures greater than atmospheric pressure occurring in the vacuum system.

The disks will rupture and release gas preventing an accidental pressure explosion destroying valves (which occurred to the gate valve pictured right), or other components.


Allectra offer three types of Pressure Burst Disk:

The standard type (pictured right where the membrane has ruptured), the membrane will rupture at system pressure of maximum 1.7 bar overpressure

The low pressure version, the membrane will rupture at system pressure of maximum 0.8 bar overpressure

The ultra low version, the membrane ruptures below 0.5 bar. In this case, the system does not fall under the overpressure regulations.

Some other features of the Pressure Burst Disk as follows:

-UHV compatible, high bakeable to 350°C and leak tight to <5 x 10-10 mbar l/s.

-Optional gas recovery system to prevent gases escaping into the atmosphere.

-DN40CF and DN16CF versions / KF types and custom flanges, ULP version needs 63CF or ISO63 flange

Pressure Burst Disks
Pressure Burst Disks