Cryogenics Vacuum Components

Components for low-temperature thermal isolation

Allectra supplies high vacuum (HV) and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) components for extremely challenging process environments, including cryogenic systems where processes routinely run at temperatures far below -150°C – or 123 kelvin (K).

Cryogenics refers to the branch of physics concerned with generating extremely low temperatures, or the study of materials at temperatures typically between 77 kelvin and a few millikelvin (mK).  Absolute zero (0K), or -273.16°C, is the theoretical lowest temperature possible and corresponds to a hypothetical total absence of thermal energy. HV/UHV components are often required to operate at temperatures as low as -269°C (4K) and below and are integrated into the systems used to reach these temperatures.

At Allectra, we are well-versed in the challenges of cryogenics and have developed a range of HV/UHV components suitable for extremely low-temperature objectives. A selection of the cryogenics components that we offer include:

  • Kapton wire for cryostats, including our very fine (0.1mm) 311-KAP-010-5M.
  • Kapton-coated Manganin wire, such as 312-KAP-MAN-014-5M, for very low thermal conductivity requirements.
  • Sub-D electrical feedthroughs, such as our 218-D09-SS product, with UHV connectors rated for use in temperatures of 4.2K.
  • Cryogenic breaks for electrical and thermal isolation, such as our 271-CB-3.2.
  • High-Frequency feedthroughs for instance for quantum computing research such as our 242-SMAD27G-C16

Cryogenics Vacuum Components from Allectra

At Allectra, we have developed custom cryogenics vacuum components for applications as varied as quantum computing to low-temperature atomic force microscopy (AFM). If you would like more information, simply contact a member of the Allectra sales team today.