High Technology Manufacturing

Medical machines for treatment & semiconductor research and manufacturing

Allectra supplies custom components for high technology manufacturing lines around the world, supporting the infrastructure of cutting-edge precision engineering processes.

Advanced machinery manufacturers in a wide high-technology market cross-section rely on bespoke components to meet key production objectives. Unlike non-critical production lines, high technology manufacturing typically requires specialist component parts which are not available “off-the-shelf”.

Allectra is a supplier to medical device manufacturers, semiconductor developers, security contractors, and many other high technology manufacturing applications. As an advanced manufacturing innovator, we offer custom parts that either derive from our high-performance range of vacuum-compatible components, or are engineered on a completely bespoke made-to-order basis. We can work from customers’ own designs or produce manufacturing drawings for approval based on custom requirements. Often this is within the context of confidentiality agreements, to protect our customers’ intellectual property.

Allectra is  able to supply custom items on relatively short delivery.

A selection of custom high technology manufacturing components that we have produced includes:

  • Special feedthroughs for medical treatment machines
  • Custom valves for aggressive atmospheric conditions, including marine and space environments
  • Special wires for use in high radiation environments

High Technology Manufacturing with Allectra Components

With extensive expertise in custom manufacturing of high-performance components for various end-use scenarios, Allectra can reliably deliver bespoke solutions for your high technology manufacturing chain. Contact a member of the Allectra technical team today to learn more about our innovative advanced manufacturing service.