Feedthroughs and Flanges: Allectra custom solutions

Feedthroughs and Flanges:​
Your Custom Feedthrough Solution

Our process:
Specification of Requirements: This step involves outlining the technical specifications, operational conditions, and any unique requirements for the custom feedthrough solution. It’s important to be as detailed and precise as possible to ensure that the solution meets your specific needs.

Proposal from Engineers: After you have submitted your requirements, our engineering team will review your specifications and start working on a proposal for the custom solution. This phase includes technical evaluations, design considerations, and possibly preliminary discussions with you to clarify any points. We are committed to proposing a solution as quickly as possible to enable quick project initiation.

Reception of Custom-Made Solution: Once the proposal is accepted and any necessary adjustments are made, we proceed with the manufacturing of the custom feedthrough solution. This step involves the actual production, quality assurance testing, and preparation for delivery. We aim for a typical turnaround time for receiving your custom-made solution within 6 weeks from the proposal acceptance. This timeline can vary depending on the complexity of the solution and production capacity.

Feedthroughs and Flanges: The custom solution provided can include various types of feedthroughs and flanges, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your application. Feedthroughs are essential components for transmitting electrical, fluidic, or mechanical connections from outside a vacuum or pressure chamber to the inside, without compromising the chamber’s environment. Flanges serve as the interface for connecting different components of vacuum systems, ensuring a secure and vacuum-tight assembly.

Our Custom Feedthrough Solutions are not standard off-the-shelf items but are specifically engineered to meet unique operational specifications, environments, and performance criteria. This bespoke approach ensures that the feedthroughs and flanges perfectly fit the intended application, improving system performance and reliability.

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