December 2018: Allectra supplied components for Ettore Zanon Spa from Vicenza (Italy) who built the vacuum vessel and Consorzio RFX, who are working on the SPIDER-MITICA project at CNR IGI/CONSORZIO RFX site in Padova. It is the full scale prototype for the Neutral beam injection system for ITER.
SPIDER shall test the ITER HNB negative ion source up to full ITER specifications: – full extracted current – full pulse length – source uniformity ± 10% both in H and D operation.
Allectra supplied Sub-D feedthroughs, cluster flanges with special viewports holders, and custom pressure burst disks for the vacuum vessel which is a component of SPIDER as well as several items like viewports, Sub-D feedthroughs, cables and manipulators to the ancillary labs.
The MITICA (bio-shield and injector) transmission line will be connected to the vacuum vessel via the High Voltage Bushing. Extracted and accelerated current – 40 A Beam energy : 1 MV – Pulse length : 1 h – Beam optics: same of ITER – Hydrogen and Deuterium operation.
SPIDER and MITICA are two complimentary prototypes to test and optimize and reach full performance in time for ITER NBI’s construction.

The Neutral Beam Test Facility NBTF is a joint international effort to develop the neutral beam injector prototypes for ITER. It is funded by Fusion for Energy, ITER International Organization and Italy. The ITER Domestic Agencies of India and Japan are also contributors and partners.

Image right: the rear side of the Spider vacuum chamber where the feedthroughs are installed, it contains the ion source of the injection system.

Allectra supply components for the SPIDER-MITICA project