Feedthroughs & Wires in High Tech Manufacturing

At Allectra we are always adding to our collection of high-tech manufacturing components through the design and development of the most creative and cutting-edge solutions to your requirements.

Whether you have a specific need for a standard wire or a carefully customized feedthrough component, our team of engineers and technicians will give you the best advice and the highest quality results.

Producing a diverse selection of high tech manufacturing solutions for the ‘high vacuum’ and ‘ultra-high vacuum (UHV)’ market, our range of feedthroughs and wires are utilized in applications on a global scale.

Feedthrough Types for Vacuum-sealed Systems

A feedthrough is an airtight gateway through which electrical wires need to pass. Our feedthroughs can sustain the constant and regulated transportation of current through a hermetic seal without risking the integrity of the vacuum.

The majority of our satisfied customers require custom-built components, so consideration of our customers’ needs and the confidential collaboration of ideas are vital factors for success.

Our line of feedthroughs and vacuum technologies is constructed to suit the broadest possible range of end-use systems. This means guaranteeing compatibility with a choice of mechanisms and vacuum chambers.

High Tech Manufacturing Markets

As leaders in the high tech manufacturing industry, we have loyal customers around the world. Currently, we consult on and create components for the research community, semiconductor developers, and aerospace companies, to name a few.

The needs of our customers vary in application and specification, so we need to continually study the operating procedures of each individual who chooses to use our technology. This requires the garnering of a tight and trusting relationship between all parties so that we can achieve the highest quality service.

Feedthroughs Tailored to Fit the Task

Our catalog of feedthrough & wire configurations can be adapted to increase its applicability, making Allectra’s solutions for high tech manufacturing among the most popular. We deal with an array of alternative applications that call for a multitude of measures. From ‘Power feedthroughs’ for high-voltage systems to ‘RF Electrical Feedthroughs’ which predominantly operate through radio frequency, our reliable reputation for customization lets us confidently create the correct component for many high tech manufacturing applications.

The Best in Bespoke or Traditional Models

So, whether you have a completely unique case requiring a collectively constructed component or your needs are for a more straight-forward solution that has been used time and time again, Allectra can support you. We invite you to contact us for a full consultation regarding all of your high tech manufacturing questions and concerns.