Allectra Unveils Cutting-Edge Components for Precision Scientific Instrumentation

Bimetallic CF Components: Titanium to Aluminium Flanges

Under the trademark Biallec, Allectra offers bimetallic CF components. These are Titanium CF Flanges with Aluminium Tube. The new patented bimetallic flange components revolutionise chamber design of Aluminium chambers and are cost effective.
If zero magnetism is required in chamber manufacturing, Titanium flanges fitted with Aluminium tubes or Aluminium blank-offs are the best choice.
Rotatable flanges which can be fixed with a set screw give maximum flexibility. We deliver these items with the rotatable “Allectra” style flange, which combines through holes and tapped holes.
In addition, the rotary outer parts can be exchanged to other shapes, allowing for the use of chain clamps if required. The reduced closing time is often very important in radiation environments.

Working with Titanium in a high vacuum or ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environment can offer several benefits:

1. Low Outgassing: Titanium has a relatively low outgassing rate, which is crucial in high vacuum and UHV systems. Outgassing can introduce contaminants into the vacuum chamber, affecting experiments or processes. Titanium’s low outgassing rate helps maintain a cleaner vacuum environment.
2. High Strength and Durability: Titanium is known for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance. This makes it a suitable material for constructing components in vacuum systems, as it can withstand the stress and mechanical loads associated with high vacuum environments.
3. Compatibility with UHV Conditions: Titanium is compatible with UHV conditions due to its low vapor pressure and minimal reactivity with residual gases in the chamber. This compatibility is essential for maintaining the integrity of UHV systems.
4. Longevity: Titanium components can have a longer service life in high vacuum and UHV systems compared to materials that are more susceptible to outgassing or corrosion. This can result in cost savings over time.
5. Biocompatibility: In some scientific and medical applications, Titanium’s biocompatibility is a valuable feature. For instance, it’s used in UHV environments for surface science studies related to biological materials.
6. Versatility: Titanium’s versatility allows it to be used in a wide range of applications, from vacuum chambers and experimental setups to various UHV research equipment.

The Titanium flange is fitted with a long Aluminium tube which allows direct assembly of the flange to an Aluminium chamber body without an extra weld for extension of the tube. All CF seals can be used, including Nickel seals.

Compact Flange System (CFS)